Welcome to the Hampshire Whites Transport page.

Next trips to Elland Road; Huddersfield, Ipswich and Barnsley – see latest news

Last season  caused strain on finances while trying to organise transport to both home and away games. We have attempted to run some Coach trips and although the initial take up was encouraging, the rising cost of coach hire was becoming prohibitive and meant that we were not able to run them as frequently as we would have liked.

However, the main reason we exist as a branch is to enable all Leeds Supporters in the region to be able to support the club in the most cost effective way possible and we can achieve this better by travelling together to keep costs down. This can be achieved by car sharing as well as by minibus/coach travel. I would also like to assure all of you that we do listen to feedback from you all as to how we can do things better.

Consequently, we are ‘relaunching’ the minibus to include some basic assurances and requirements which should be to the benefit of all;

  • Drive directly to the match (excluding comfort breaks) to allow sufficient ‘pub time’ prior to the game.
  • Drive straight back home after the match (again excluding comfort breaks) to allow those who wish to have a beer, to do so at their ‘local’.
  • The journey price will vary depending on the location of the match but they will be kept to a minimum ensuring operating costs are covered and the cost to the passenger is minimised as well.
  • If the cost of running the bus cannot be cheaper that other methods such as rail travel, then it is unlikely that it will run for the match concerned.
  • Travelling members will be expected to occasionally volunteer to drive ensuring that the duty will not fall unfairly upon the same people each time.
  • We would like the experience of travelling on the minibus to be relaxing and enjoyable for ALL. Raucous behaviour will not be tolerated and those who do not adhere to this rule may be prevented from travelling with the branch in the future as well as possible exclusion from the branch.