Important Information

Changes in Ticket Purchases.

In order to buy tickets for the rest of the season you must put money in

your account as soon as you ask  for a ticket – do NOT wait

until you hear we have  a ticket for you. In the unlikely

event of you not getting a ticket this money will be refunded to you by

cheque or cash.

Jacqui can let you know if you have money in your account. 

Check here regularly to obtain tickets through the Hampshire Whites block booking scheme. By applying through the branch, you will have a greater chance of getting your away ticket allocated and you will be able to enjoy the match together with other Hampshire Whites members. Please remember that you must be a current member of the Leeds United Members club, to qualify for away tickets. To join the Members club see here for details.


Due to a change in the way that Leeds United are issuing away tickets, all applications must now be done electronically via the Club’s online ordering facility. Phased bookings will no longer apply as they did before. Please read the following carefully, and to stand the best chance of getting your match ticket, follow the instructions very carefully;

If you wish to order a ticket through the Hampshire Whites as part of our block booking, you must be a current LUFC (Gold) & Hampshire Whites member. Your Member’s number will be linked to the HW’s ticketing number to enable your ticket to be purchased by us on your behalf.

Please respond to the text/email advising the date away tickets will be available. This will enable your application to be processed  with all other online applications. It is essential that you have sufficient money in your Hampshire Whites account at this time otherwise your application will NOT be placed!

You can of course order your tickets yourselves at any time.