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With the ever increasing membership and the need to ensure that members gain all the benefits that we as an RMC have to offer, it is essential that any news is sent quickly. We have done this by e mails and Text messages which have become difficult to manage and costly to send. Consequently, effective communication is essential and this is an area where I feel we have not been as successful as we should have been. To remedy this, all HW members are urged to check this website often where information will be posted regularly. Questions can be asked via registration on the forum and discussions can also be had as well. The forum is also open to non-members although they will be unable to view the Hampshire Whites exclusive area.

Please make the most of this facility as it will mean that we will be able to conduct ticket ordering, account updating, transport organising etc a lot more efficiently.

Thank you



Hampshire Whites

We usually meet at least every month, where we chat about the previous few games and take the opportunity to brief everyone with regards to upcoming trips and events. This is also where everyone can pay their ticket/travel money and view the status of their HW accounts.

Match Journeys and meeting points are often arranged not to mention the chance to meet a considerable number of like minded Leeds fans! New members often remark on the fact that they never knew there were so many of us about in the area!


Next Branch Meeting
Date: Tuesday 25 April at 19.30

Location:  Fareham Working Mens Club

See latest news for last minutes


Sunday 11 June 2017 – see latest news for agenda. Contact membership@hampshirewhites.com for details of location and time.